AMUECFUT is a worldwide scientific association which integrates a group of university research specialists with previous experience working on sports related projects, mainly about football. AMUECFUT is a non-government organism and exclusively conceived for educational and scientific purposes.

It was created in 2007 by a group of universities in Mexico, Cuba, Spain, England, and Germany among others.

AMUECFUT headquarters offices are located within the campus of the Football and Sports Sciences University in Pachuca, Mexico. Its facilities include: multimedia classrooms, Gessel chamber, professional football fields, physical performance lab, professional gymnasium among others.

AMUECFUT has permanent legal status. The affiliated universities share a common interest; to develop joint scientific research in any field within the sports sector, mainly in the massive practice of football and its different performance levels.

The association is directed by a committee headed by the President and Vice president. It is constituted by a group of specialists in sports sciences and their application.

Pachuca is located in south central Mexico in the state of Hidalgo, about an hour and thirty minutes distance from Mexico City, the nation’s capital.

Objectives of the Association
  1. To elaborate and develop sports related research projects and to disseminate results to all those who might be interested.
  2. To offer any university, organism or association of researchers that request it, consultancy on football related research methodology.
  3. To promote the opening of Applied Sciences centres and institutions related to football.
  4. To propitiate relations and collaboration with other similar associations, organizations or institutions and develop the scientific links to strengthen the exchange of information pertaining to sport sciences and their application.
  5. To contribute to the further development of outstanding universities and research projects related to football.
  6. To promote the the exchange of knowledge and the dissemination of scientific results through publication and the organization of scientific events.
  7. To promote the development of research on football from every possible dimension.
One of AMUECFUT’s goals is to join forces through research with other universities around the world in a global effort to optimize the potential of every sports field.

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