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Dr. Murguía holds a Doctoral Degree in Psychological Research granted by Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico, a Masters in Physical Activity Psychology and Family Psychotherapy.

She has worked as a professor in higher education institutions teaching Family Therapy, High Performance Athlete Psychological Factors, Sport Psychology and Psychological Evaluation. As a scientific researcher, she has done extensive work in the fields of Clinical and Sport Psychology. Her most relevant studies are: "effectivity of brief therapeutic treatment in violent families", "psychological evaluation of the high performance athlete", "elaboration and standardization of an instrument to measure self-control in Mexican football referees" (which is being evaluated by FIFA to be used as a referee training program for the 2010 World Cup).

Some of her publications are "Validity and Reliability of an instrument elaborated to measure self-control in Mexican football referees", "The impact of football on Mexican families" "The significance of being champions in professional football and its implications".

She has given diverse conferences related to Food Disorders, Sports Psychology, Psychological Evaluation and Intervention of football referees, Application of the SPSS program in football referee psychological research, Sports initiation Psychology, performance of the football referee, and other particulars within the field of sports.

Currently, she is President of the World Association of Universities for the Scientific Study of Football (AMUECFUT), in which she is an active researcher; Chairman of the Board of the Football and Sports Sciences University in Pachuca, Mexico; Founder of Fundacion Pachuca, an altruistic institution which performs social work to aid the community.


She holds a Doctoral Degree in Pedagogical Sciences and has 35 years of experience in Physical Culture; is a professor of Theory and Methodology of Sport Training and Physical Education, Research Investigation Methodology and Management, in Physical Education and Sports. She has presented numerous Scientific projects has published several papers, articles and four books, study guides and study programs. Dr. Hechavarría has been appointed as tutor, opponent and consultant for Doctoral, Masters, Specialization thesis and Diplomas. She is a member of the Scientific Board of the Manuel Fajardo Institute of Physical Culture and its Degree Commission. Member of the Academic Committee of the Masters Program in Contemporary Physical Education Didactics,, Latin American Pedadgogy Institute Physical Education Sub Commission and is a member of the Board which grants Scientific Doctoral Degrees in Pedagogic Science in the Republic of Cuba. She elaborated and coordinated the Development of a project denominated “Potentialization Strategy to develop physical and sport activities in the State of Hidalgo, Mexico”. For the Education Authorities in this state. Currently, she is also Vice-president of the World Association of Universities for the Scientific Study of Football.

MBA Cristina Islas Reyes

She holds a Masters degree in Sports and Physical Activity Psychology and is currently pursuing another Masters in High Performance Sports Sciences as well as the diploma “Football-spectacle. Culture and society a critical view of a worldwide business.

She has worked as a sports psychology teacher in higher education institutions. Has participated in the publication of Impact of Football in Mexican Families; Memoirs of the International Football Congress; The Significance of Being Champions.

Ms. Islas has been the spokesperson in different conferences such as: Health and Sport, Sport psychology and its Applications; Significance of Football and Sports Sciences.

She is currently the secretary of AMUECFUT and an active researcher in this association.

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